London – Southwark (Borough of) – Marquis of Wellington

This looked like an intriguing pub and so I thought I’d have a little sit down in here, since it was quite a long walk from where I had just come from, which was Hawkes. Well, it was around thirty metres, but walking can be a thirsty exercise. The pub is operated by the Bermondsey Pub Company, the managed house division of the EI Group, formerly known as Enterprise Inns.

There was a particularly personable staff member at the entrance and he set the tone for this pub, quirky, off-beat and comfortable. That’s not a bad set of attributes for a pub to aim for. I had already eaten sufficient pizza for the day, but this pub also offered them, although a customer tried to order at just gone 18:00 and they had already stopped serving for the day.

I’m not sure how practical this is for a table, but I like the concept. Incidentally, this is another pub that has installed plenty of power points, I’ve had a good day for these today.

I thought that the drinks selection was a bit disjointed, although they have the Gamma Ray from Beavertown, which is acceptable to me. They also have a web-site in some need of attention, as their newsletter and offers page is broken when anything is submitted. Anyway, there was a warm welcome here and a comfortable environment, with the quirkiness all working well. With a slightly more intriguing range of beers, this would have been a lot better, but everything seemed well managed and I’d merrily recommend it to others.