King’s Lynn – Bitson’s Fish and Chips

Another day, another chance to try chips somewhere else, and this is Bitson’s fish and chips in King’s Lynn. The set-up is well signed, customers go in to place their order and pay, then they move outside to collect their order. The staff member seemed all sufficiently friendly and I think it’s a family-run place. My perennial complaint comes to the fore here again, it’s cash only.

There’s a bit of a Five Guys situation here, the medium chips are what I would consider large, so I perhaps should have just gone for small. The prices were high compared to other chip shops, a small battered sausage and medium chips was £3.60. But, then again, they’ve also given a large portion than others might. Anyway, my life is too short to worry too much about such things….. Two sachets of sauce would have been 70p, which is excessive, but being thrifty I always carry spare in my bag. I really do need to get out more….

The chips tasted fine (perhaps slightly greasy if I’m being a little picky), but as I wrote earlier on another post, I’m not a very good judge of those. The battered sausage, which I do consider myself more of an expert on, was excellent and the quality of the batter was very high. I should have asked for scraps given how flavoursome that batter was. So, all fine, and I wouldn’t go back because it’s cash only and I prefer the convenience of cards, but I would have otherwise returned for anything they sell which is battered. I like to think they’re relying on traditional family cooking tips for their fish and chips, maybe some skills passed down the generations.