Great Yarmouth – Brewer’s Chip Saloon

And as part of my irregular series on chip options at Great Yarmouth market….. This is the car park end of Yarmouth market and I didn’t know that these two stalls were located here, I thought they were all at the other end of the covered market. Liam was also able to pop over for lunch, despite being very busy building a bridge.

There was consistently a much longer queue for Brewer’s than their neighbour, which didn’t have any queue at all. There are perhaps three main reasons for this, (i) the chips are much better, (ii) the British just like queueing or (iii) the denizens of Great Yarmouth have noted that the medium chips are 10p cheaper at this stall than their neighbour. My reason for queueing here was the second one, I decided that if other people were queueing that they must know something that I didn’t.

The chips were £1.30, which seemed very reasonable to me, with the sauce being free of charge. I like this policy as I’m easily pleased with free gestures. I really don’t feel that I’m a chips connoisseur, since they mostly all taste the same to me. The ones here were perhaps a little crunchier than their nearby rivals, but they were entirely satisfactory to me. I’m not sure I’d say they were any better or worse than other stalls, but each to their own.

The service was also friendly and unhurried, although the staff member was going at a decent pace to serve customers. They didn’t accept cards, but otherwise their Covid handling seemed pretty perfect to me, with a sizeable Perspex screen. So, all rather lovely for £1.30 and I think I might come back here again.