Hoveton – Granary Staithe

Granary Staithe is located by the bridge which separates Wroxham and Hoveton (clicking on the above map makes it easier to see) on a spot in Hoveton by the river. It’s the bit under the right-hand Norwich Road on the second map.

The River Bure, with Granary Staithe on the right. There were concerns in 2012 when the owners of the land, Norfolk County Council, wanted to sell it for £250,000 or lease it for £25,000 per year. The only problem was that the Broads Authority said they’d oppose any building on the site, so plans to make it an attraction or similar wouldn’t have been viable. After some fund-raising, Hoveton Parish Council were able to buy the land and it opened as a public area in March 2013.

No shortage of swans, mostly looking for food from visitors. One disadvantage of this part of the village is that it’s a bit swamped with seagulls hoping to grab some chips from locals who have visited the neighbouring fish & chip shop.

A useful history board about Granary Staithe, which is visible behind it with seating and excellent views over the river. Before the council acquired the land, it had been a flat area which visitors could use, but it’s now been tidied up.