Brundall – Name Origin

Brundall was on our third training walk for the LDWA 100, so here’s a quite meander over to The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of English Placenames.

Brundall, Norfolk. Brundala in Domesday Book, Brundale in 1180 and Brundhal in 1257. Perhaps a compound of Old English bromede, or broomy, and Halh.

The ‘halh’ bit is usually a secret place, a tucked away area or some land which is separate from its administrative area. The word ‘broom’ is an old English word for a bramble and by coincide (I assume) there’s also a boat company called Brooms of Brundall. All sounds a bit convoluted and unlikely to me, but I like the idea of Brundall meaning ‘the secret brambled area’.