Bath – Beckford’s Tower (Tomb of William Beckford)

The tomb of William Thomas Beckford (1760-1844), with Beckford’s Tower in the background, more on which in another post. Beckford managed to have quite a few interests, aided with a substantial legacy from his father of the same name, which included literature, art collecting, travelling and building design.

Beckford was buried at Bath Abbey cemetery on 11 May 1844 and the tower where he wanted to be buried, then called Lansdown Tower but now better known as Beckford’s Tower, was flogged off to the publican of the Freemasons Arms on Abbey Green who planned to use the land as a beer garden. I doubt Beckford would have been entirely satisfied at this, but fortunately for him, his daughter was able to buy back the land and in 1848, Beckford was buried outside the tower in this grand pink granite tomb. This had proved impossible earlier on as it was consecrated ground, but permission was granted and there are now around 5,000 other burials at the site.