British Airways – Return to Free Drink and Snack in Short-Haul

I received a missive from BA’s press office today and it contained details about the new collection from Tom Kerridge, which are primarily sandwiches, for the Euro Traveller (or economy) cabin.

The delights are:

Warm Steak & Ale Pie – £4.50
The Ham Hock & Smoked Cheddar Sandwich – £4.10
The Spiced Cauliflower Tortilla Wrap (Vegan) – £4.20
The Chicken, Bacon and Celery Brioche – £4.50
The Brie Ploughman’s Sandwich (Vegetarian) – £4.20

These prices aren’t too bad, although now customers have to pre-order to ensure availability. And this is a very good idea (well, it is for organised customers who manage to work that element out) as it ensures that anyone relying on buying food in Euro Traveller won’t be let down. The food also looks to be of a decent quality and although I’m suspicious of that cauliflower wrap, the rest sound rather lovely.

But, and at last, there is a return to free food and drink for all passengers in Euro Traveller. This was knocked out a few years ago and replaced by Buy on Board, which I always thought was chaotic. The crew couldn’t get through the whole cabin, there were stock issues and it often seemed badly managed. The necessities of 2020 saw British Airways give every customer a snack (such as crisps) and a bottle of water, and this looks like it’s set to remain. It’s not as generous as it once was, as all drinks used to be free, but it’s a step in the right direction. It ensures customers get free water, something to eat and they can order something more substantial if they require it.

And, also announced is Brewdog Jet Stream, following up from Brewdog Speedbird, which I very much liked. Some cans have been released already and it’s not doing brilliantly on Untappd, but I look forwards to trying it in a BA lounge sometime. I also like that BA have continued with their Brewdog partnership, it’s a nice tie-up I think.

Hopefully it won’t be long before I can board a plane again….