Attleborough – War Memorial

The war memorial in Attleborough, located at the end of Queen’s Road, was designed by local sculptor AJ Harrison at a cost of £350, which was funded by public subscription. The memorial was unveiled on 27 June 1920 by Earl Albemarle at a ceremony attended by the Bishop of Norwich, which followed a service at St. Mary’s Church. Former servicemen and relatives of the dead walked to the memorial from the church whilst the Norfolk Regiment band played Beethoven’s Funeral March. At the end of the service, the Regiment band played Chopins’s Funeral March and finally, a bugler played the Last Post

There are 101 names on the 20-foot high memorial from the First World War, with 24 names added following the Second World War and an additional name from the Korean War. The full list of names of those who died during the First World War is at the base of this post, below the photos of the memorial below.

Barnard, Bertie
Beckett, Leonard
Bishop, Robert Sidney
Blaxall, Ernest William
Briggs, Elijah Samuel
Briggs, Percy William
Britnell, William Edward
Butcher, William Clarence
Chandler, Herbert
Chaplin, Charles Edward
Chapman, Bertie R W
Chapman, George Henry
Clarke, Alfred Bruce
Codling, Sidney F W
Coe, Cornelius Robert
Crummett, Frederick E
Cubitt, Terence A K
Dagless, Alexander
Dagless, Philip
Daynes, Albert
Daynes, Frederick John
Dunnett, Percy A
Dye, John William
Eagling, Arthur Walter
Edwards, Harry Ambrose
Edwards, John
Elvin, Ernest Robert
Elvin, Syndey James
Elvin, Wilfred Harold
Etteridge, Robert W
Fincham, Walter William
Forster, Philip James
Forster, Sidney Percy
Gapp, Sidney Jack
Gooda, Ernest George
Gould, Edward
Griffin, Arthur William
Griffin, William Albert
Halls, Frederick William
Hawes, Albert William
Hillier, Frederick William
Hilton, William Charles
Holman, William James
Howlett, Harry
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Ted
Hunt, William
Johnson, Robert Frederick
Lain, Frederick
Lain, John
Large, John Gerald
Laurence, Alfred
Lenney, George J W
Lincoln, Charles
Lincoln, Edward
Orford, Lancelot E
Ottaway, Walter James
Parker, Sydney Samuel
Patrick, Arthur
Patrick, Edward
Piercy, William John
Pinnock, William
Plumpton, Alfred
Ponder, Bertram Thomas
Pratt, Victor John
Rayner, George Alfred
Rayner, Walter Filby
Redit, Joseph
Redit, Sidney Charles
Redit, Walter John
Reeves, Arthur J
Rudd, Henry Reginald Wallace Kingston
Sharpe, Cecil G
Shaw, Albert
Shaw, Robert
Smith, Arthur George
Smith, George William
Smith, Henry John
Smith, Herbert
Speck, Frank W
Starke, Charles Arthur
Stebbings, Bertram E
Stephenson, Harold
Stubbings, Leonard Victor
Stubbs, Robert Henry
Sturman, William John
Taylor, John William
Tillott, Leonard William
Tufts, George Henry
Tuttle, Harry
Viney, Harry James
Warner, Forbes Mackay
Watson, Valiant A
Webster, William
Weir, Ronald
Weir, William Oswald
Welton, Norman
Woods, David E H
Yari, Ernest H
Youngman, Geoffrey W
Youngs, Percy