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Wymondham – Wymondham Sports Bar


This was the sixth pub or bar that Julian and I visited on our day trip to Wymondham and, perhaps unexpectedly, it was one of best. The frontage isn’t necessarily the most inviting, but it is welcoming to everyone and there’s no membership needed.


Wooo, Everton 🙂   There’s a couple of corridors to navigate through before reaching the bar area.


We stayed for a couple of beers here as they were keenly priced and we were waiting for the nearby Feathers to open. They only have one real ale, the Golden Jackal from Wolf Brewery, which was well kept and at the appropriate temperature. The ready salted crisps and Mini Cheddars were also delightful.


The venue’s pool and darts room.


As would be expected, there’s lots of sports branding with sports also being shown on screens in the bar. The service at the bar was friendly and warm, it felt like a welcoming venue even though I suspect it’s supported primarily by regulars with likely not many occasional visitors. When I asked where the toilets were, I liked that not only did the staff member respond helpfully, but other customers also joined in with the same answer. It reminds me of when I was in San Diego and was once again muddled up with some public transport and about twelve nearby people answered when I asked one person, so keen were they to help. I mention this less than riveting story as it suggested to me that there was a strong community feel to the arrangements here.


Nearly every pub or bar that I’ve been that has a meat raffle also has a strong community spirit.

I liked this bar, it’s one that I’d likely visit regularly if I lived in the town. There might not be bar billiards, but I’m sure that pool would keep me entertained and the customers seemed a friendly bunch. The bar was clean, the service personable and the environment comfortable and inviting. All rather lovely and better than I had anticipated.