Woodbridge – 2019 Whole Hog

For the third year running, I thought it’d be a good idea to take part in the Hike Norfolk team who ran (I say ran, it was more of an occasional fast walk) the eight-mile Whole Hog challenge. I’ve given up being concerned about the whole arrangement now, which is testament to just how brave I’ve become. Or something like that. Above is the photo of us somewhere around half-way round, at around the four-mile mark.

I think everyone was very brave, although I think I was particularly brave, and we got round together with no injuries. Unlike someone else we met on the route who was surprised into taking part by his wife and then promptly cut his hand open during the course. I seem to be pretty much immune to the cold, but it was apparently colder than during the last couple of years, and certainly muddier. Although since that’s the point of the event, this is a positive.

There are numerous photos of me from around the course that I insisted the course photographer took, including the above. A few people from the group couldn’t make this year’s event who hoped to be there, but I do hope that everything can make it next year. Especially Gordon, who would very much enjoy it.

And a photo of Liam and if this isn’t an inspiration to his two children, I don’t know what is. It remains to be seen if the little ones (the children that is) take part in the younger version of the event in future years. My only complaint this year is that there wasn’t a free drink at the end as in previous years, although apparently this is because Adnam’s aren’t sponsoring the event this year because of Brexit. I won’t give my opinion of that situation here.

As for a review of the course, it was all well laid out and there are some changes every year so it doesn’t become to staid. It’s just about the suitable challenge for me in terms of difficulty, because, I have to face the fact that I’m never going to do a Tough Mudder. Even my bravery doesn’t stretch quite that far.

And, I’ll enter again for 2020, hopefully this time with a joint Hike Norfolk and an LDWA team, in a bid to get my fourth medal.