Waterbeach – Waterbeach Railway Station

Waterbeach railway station was meant to be being moved the last time that I heard, but it now appears to be staying exactly where it is for the moment, just with longer platforms. The local media are saying that the station might now be moved in a few years (perhaps as early as 2021), so the decision to spend £27 million now on Waterbeach and Littleport railway stations to make the platforms longer seems a little wasteful in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, who knows, whatever happens the town of Waterbeach is soon going to have more trains arriving at peak time and I assume the cost of the new railway station will be part funded by the property developers who are building a new housing and commercial complex in the town. The plans for the new railway station do look impressive and I understand that the plan is that it will be manned.

The two platforms, which are located on separate sides of the road, will both be extended to 167 metres in length. Waterbeach did have a decent waiting room, toilets and station buildings, but British Rail decided to demolish them all and put up a shed for passengers to wait in instead.

All this money for Cambridge railway stations is very lovely, but it’s a shame that some more money isn’t being made available in Norfolk where new railway station plans are being scrapped.