Birmingham – The Post Office Vaults

The first pub of the evening which was another recommendation from the Good Beer Guide.

The interior of the cellar bar which was nearly full when we visited. The beer selection was excellent, with a wide selection of bottles and numerous ciders available at the bar.

Two dark beer options, I went for the Little Giant from the Green Duck Beer Company. A strong taste of coffee in the drink, although it was also smooth and drinkable, all well kept and at the appropriate temperature. The service was polite and prompt, although it was busy so there’s a limit to the engagement that can be offered.

The bar billiards table, not a common sight in these parts, is on free play although it’s the worst state that I’ve seen such a table in.

There was a friendly chap at the neighbouring table who was keen to talk about photography and beer, with the atmosphere in the pub being laid-back and welcoming. There was no food service, although customers are welcome to bring their own food in and plates are provided.

All rather lovely.