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Warwick – The Old Post Office

There are four pubs in Warwick that are listed in the current Good Beer Guide and this former Post Office (there’s a clue in the pub’s name about that) is one of them. CAMRA refer to this as an ale house, but I’m going to call it a micropub as I think that’s more appropriate in terms of defining its concept as well as its size.

What a rather lovely little bar arrangement. Service was personable and very friendly, this is one of those pubs that I talk about which I am confident would warmly greet someone new to the area so they felt welcome and part of the community. More than anything, that’s what I think a pub should try and have at its heart, and the atmosphere here seemed to be just right. The pub accepts cards and cash, but mentions that they they prefer cash.

I took a seat near to the bar, looking towards the front of the pub.

There’s another room at the rear of the pub, all homely and nicely decorated.

Next to a stack of Good Beer Guide books, this is the Light Bulb from Verdant Brewing. Clean tasting with a citrus edge, this was a nice keg beer, a suitable starter for my visit.

For the main course, I opted for a cask option, the Ghost of Dwarfmas Yet to Come from Fownes Brewing Company. I had noticed on-line that the pub had only just put this on, it hadn’t been lingering about since Christmas. Although on that note, the staff succumbed to Covid over the new year period, so unfortunately had to close, not really the start of 2022 they wanted. This was a better beer than I had expected, rich with roasty flavours, a nice coffee edge to it. It was also well kept and at the appropriate temperature, so all was well there.

As a pub, this was a charming venue and it seems entirely right to me that this has been listed in the Good Beer Guide. The pub is well reviewed other than for the spiteful “awful place. No seating and limited drinks” which is a ridiculous thing to say about a micropub in my view, but there we go. Friendly and welcoming, with an interesting selection of beers, and its location relatively near to Warwick Castle must make it a popular option for visitors to the town. Incidentally, I didn’t press the bell to get beer…..