Trier – Ibis Styles

The Ibis Styles in Trier, tucked away in the courtyard of the city’s former Post Office.

Ibis Styles is part of the Accor chain and I like them because of their informal feel and their almost excessive theming. I say almost, as I really like it, they tend to take it a bit far and it makes for a different kind of visit (see here for Ibis Styles Bremen and Ibis Styles Grudziądz). This hotel is Roman themed, which is appropriate given Trier’s history, and includes a little statue in the room.

The ceilings are apparently nearly four metres tall, so there’s an inevitable feeling of space and the room is also sizeable in itself.

That isn’t real stone, but it looks realistic at first look, and there’s more subtle Roman theming with the not insubstantial image of an Emperor looking out onto the room.

Just in case that’s not enough, this is the image on the bathroom wall. All marvellous, I like it.

This is the flooring in some of the public areas and it’s realistic since it’s actually carpet.

My Accor status got me an upgraded room, I think the others are smaller, and this free beer. The hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant, so I didn’t expect anything, but this was a kind gesture.

The breakfast room was spacious, as it can be just a little tiresome trying to find a seat in some hotels. There were no issues here on any of the three mornings I came for breakfast, all organised and efficient.

The food quality was decent, lots of peppered salami which pleased me. Good quality rolls and some hot options, of which the bacon was particularly tempting. The breakfast room was clean, tidy and organised, all very relaxing.

The staff in this hotel were friendly and engaging, doing their best to help. There isn’t coffee or tea in the rooms, but they do have help yourself flasks of it downstairs, which was a popular option for many. The prices were reasonable and the hotel itself seemed spotless to me, a rather remarkable effort. I couldn’t really find any fault of note and I’d stay here again in a visit to Trier….