Torun – Torun Miasto Railway Station

This isn’t the city’s main railway station as that’s the other side of the Vistula River, but it’s the most central to the Old Town. The railway station was first constructed in 1873, with the current building dating to 1889.

The clock at the front of the building.

It feels dated and unloved, with everything inside being closed up. There was though a vending machine and a coffee machine, the only hints towards modernity. Well, other than the trains.

A slightly lazy pigeon who didn’t move from that spot for some time.

There is a modernisation programme which is shortly about to start on this railway station. It’s a shame that it’s in this slightly dilapidated state, but some modernisation will soon improve that. It’s used by over 1,000 passengers per day as it is, so a nicer station might get used by even more given its central location.