Torun – Old Bridge

Today, this is just a view-point, but until the mid-nineteenth century is was the location of the city’s main bridge over the River Vistula. It’s also the location of where Bridge Gate, which still stands on the other side of the road, stood and allowed entrance into Torun for those crossing the bridge. Initially this was the point at the river where the ferryman would have plied his trade, with the first bridge being constructed here between 1497 and 1500. It was a complex building project as wooden piles had to be driven in across the water and the bridge could also be partly raised to let boats through.

An information sign at the bridge.

And a look across to the other side of the Vistula, where the other end of the bridge would have met the land. Maybe more on which another day if I make the effort to walk over to the other side as I know there’s a little monument there as well.