TAP Portugal (Lisbon to Seville)

It’s quite a while since I’ve been on a prop plane, with this being the TAP Portugal service from Lisbon to Seville. It was a late-night flight and was to be the last flight to arrive in Seville for the day, but it was still a relatively full flight.

Given my name, I felt that this was quite apt.

This is the aircraft they used, the photo is from the airline’s in-flight magazine.

2*2 seating, all perfectly comfortable, and all kept clean and tidy.

I knew from my previous flight that TAP provide food and drink on pretty much all of their flights, although I did wonder whether that included these short hop flights. It transpired that it did, and there was a roll and drink offered to everyone, in another efficient and friendly service. I’m not quite sure what was in the roll, it seemed to be tuna, but it tasted fine.

The flight took just under one hour, and the efficiency of the entire operation did surprise me. I’ve enjoyed my two flights with TAP Portugal today, the crew had a warm and engaging attitude, and they fortunately spoke excellent English. And one more good thing, and unlike my first flight, there was absolutely no clapping when the aircraft landed. This pleased me.