Seville – And Then There were Two

There were seven of us on this trip a couple of days ago, but now with Bev, Andrew and Sarah all getting their flight home, it’s down to just Clive and me. Which means one thing, it’s going to get a whole lot more responsible and refined around here. Well, I say that, but I know what Clive is currently getting up to, so I’m not sure refined is quite the right word. But, it’s appropriate for me at least.

So, to make sure that they left, we escorted Andrew, Bev and Sarah to the coach station so that they could get their bus to the airport.

The two petals.

The procedure was all rather painless, and the coach pulled up a few minutes after we arrived. It’s a frequent service to the airport, and I’m pleased to report that they got there safely. Their flight is delayed for an hour, but at least they’re there and ready to fly home.