Poznan – Stodola Kebap N Grill

This Turkish restaurant is very well reviewed on-line, but I’m not really an expert in this type of cuisine. I’ve never been to Turkey and I’m not sure that the kebab shops in Lowestoft and Ipswich are really indicative of decent Turkish food. Anyway, I wasn’t actually that hopeful about this place.

Nice and bright counter, with the staff being enthusiastic and welcoming, speaking good English. I had checked the menu on-line in advance so I knew what I was going to order, and I was pleased that this coincided with what they had on their menu boards. It doesn’t always work out like that…..

Contemporary and modern design, all very interesting and fun.

This is chicken kebab and chips with a spicy sauce on top. When it arrived the presentation didn’t look particularly exciting, so my expectations were still low. But that meat was outstanding, tender, packed with flavour and very moreish. The chips were firm and well salted, with the sauce adding some extra flavour and spice.

This visit far exceeded my expectations and if this restaurant is typical of Turkish cuisine then I might need to have a little visit to Turkey. The meal, including a Fanta, cost around £4 and the restaurant was busy throughout my visit with both eat-in and take-away orders. Very lovely.