Poznan Lawica Airport – Business Executive Lounge

Located just to the right after the security area is Poznan airport’s sole business lounge, although it’s in the non-Schengen area. This meant that I left the lounge with lots of time in case it took me a while to pass through the security check, I thought 45 minutes would suffice. It took 20 seconds, so I felt that I had perhaps been a little over-cautious. Anyway, I had over two hours in the lounge and that sufficed.

The food and drink area is stylish in its design, with a decent variety of drinks and a passable selection of food. There were self-pour wines and both local and national beers, but the soft drinks selection was particularly extensive. There were vitamin and energy drinks, which provided me with a useful boost.

The food was limited to cold selections, primarily just biscuits, chocolates and snacks. This sort of food is perfectly sufficient for me, but ideally there would have been some sandwiches or salads available to choose from as well.

It’s not a huge lounge in terms of the seating capacity, but it feels spacious and airy. There are toilets at the rear so visitors don’t have to leave the confines of the lounge, with a separate area for those wanting to use the computers. There aren’t very many power sockets, but there are some in the liftable floor panels for those who go looking for them.

A beer, a vitamin fruit drink and an eclectic range of snacks. The staff in the lounge were friendly and, like with nearly everywhere else in Poznan, spoke excellent English. The newspaper selection was quite limited and all of the newspapers were in Polish, I didn’t see anything in English.

The lounge was clean and tidy with plenty of departure boards located around it. They don’t make individual calls, although it’s possible to hear the airport announcements easily enough. If I visit again I will though perhaps not rush off to the departures gate quite as early next time, but always better to be early for a flight than late…..