Philadelphia – Shake Shack

Another one of my favourite chains and since I’m in the US, I think it’s acceptable to visit for a quick snack (especially to put into perspective that I’d visited seven museums in ten hours and needed food quite quickly)…. Shake Shack are also in the UK with nine outlets (mainly London), but my one and only visit wasn’t a great success and I don’t intend to head back to their UK branches again in the near future at least.

I do like the large menu boards by the counter, not everyone knows the menu and it’s helpful for the staff to point to when explaining the options to customers. Staff were usual Shake Shack standard, engaging, friendly and helpful. There’s quite a large seating area and although I didn’t explore it on this visit, the beer selection is reasonable for a chain like this. And they offer wine on the menu as well to add a touch more elegance to the whole process.

It’s a basic order, but that chicken burger is one of the best I’ve had. Succulent and tender chicken, the buttermilk coating is full of flavour, the bun is soft and the sauce adds another dimension of taste. The crinkle cut chips are acceptable, but unexceptional and they could have been a bit hotter. But I can forgive them that, because the burger was excellent. They also forgot my drink, but they fixed that immediately.