Philadelphia – Independence Hall

I didn’t really want this photo taken as I was quite happy with just taking pictures of Independence Hall (more on which in another post since it’s one of the most important historic locations in the United States and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Anyway, a lady said I’d like a reminder of my visit, which wasn’t particularly true as I don’t need to be in the photo to remember it.

However, she was quite forthright, so I let her have my camera. Since there were three police officers standing near to her, I guessed that she wouldn’t steal it. She also didn’t look very agile, so it would have been a clumsy street robbery if I’m being honest. Not really wanting to be in the photo I walked as far away as possible, which seemed to slightly frustrate her and she said “you’re hardly in it”. That was obviously my plan, but I replied “oh dear” to make her feel better and I shuffled three inches forwards.

So, here’s a photo of me. And Independence Hall.