Peterborough – Travelodge

My last trip of 2018 was to Peterborough, primarily because there was a Travelodge offer of three nights for a total of less than £60. Given that I had wanted to see Peterborough Cathedral and Peterborough Museum, and also since I had been meaning to visit the city for some time, this seemed a suitable bargain.

The hotel, known as Peterborough Central, is located around a five-minute walk from the city centre. It’s not a particularly large hotel and it seems to be in an area of Peterborough which hasn’t fared particularly well over the last couple of years, it’s opposite a former Liquid nightclub which is boarded up and also opposite a Jimmy’s restaurant which has suffered the same fate.

The staff at reception seemed rather jovial and offered a really friendly welcome, so all seemed well there. The room was relatively large, although slightly spartan, and it felt a little bit grubby. I couldn’t work out why the hot water didn’t smell entirely right, I can only assume their hot water tank is perhaps in need of some, well, fixing. But, given the room price and the central location, it would feel wrong complaining too much about the situation.

I’m not sure that much good can come from these signs, as do the cleaning staff really just ignore the rooms where guests don’t put these on the door?

The staff were generous when I asked for milk and they seemed to take every opportunity that they could to engage. This Travelodge is one which doesn’t have its own restaurant, as there are sufficient local dining options to mean one isn’t needed, which also means that they don’t do the all you can eat breakfast. Not that that’s a great loss to me since I wouldn’t have had it anyway, but it may have been an option some guests would have preferred.

I didn’t encounter any noise issues during my stay, although the rooms on one side of the hotel do overlook the road. Given the prices that were being charged for this room, which seemed rather low for the week before Christmas, I thought it represented decent value for money. Perhaps Peterborough isn’t seen by the general public as a go-to destination for mid-December…