Palma – Museu Fundación Juan March (Homage to Salvat-Papasseit by Josep Guinovart)

Another eye-catching artwork in the Museu Fundación Juan March.

Josep Guinovart was a Spanish abstract painter, who is known in Palma by many as the creator of some of the artworks at the Parc de la Mar. This painting was created in 1963 and is apparently in honour of Joan Salvat-Papasseit, a Spanish (or Catalan) poet and political writer.

The artist remembered the poet by gluing a bicycle wheel onto the canvas and throwing some paint around. I’m sure that it’s a piece of creative brilliance and I like how engaged the artist must have been with regards to this work. But, goodness knows what Sister Wendy Beckett would have thought about this, although I’m sure that she would have been entirely polite about it.