Omaha – Godfather’s Pizza (Omaha Airport)

I’ve heard of the Godfather’s Pizza chain, although goodness knows where from, and it was founded in the city in 1973. It was once one of the largest pizza chains in the United States, although it has dropped back somewhat over the last couple of decades.

There’s not a vast amount of dining choice at the airport after going through security, and everything looked a little expensive so I soon lost interest. However, personal pizzas at Godfather’s were around £5, which seemed reasonable.

They had pizzas which were pre-cooked and placed in warmers, but I thought I’d go for one which was freshly cooked, so the buffalo chicken it was. I also liked that they were serving personal pizzas rather than just individual slices, it feels more like a proper pizza that way.

I did wonder whether they’d query me ordering a pizza which they didn’t have already cooked, but they didn’t and said it’d be cooked fresh and would take around seven minutes. This is precisely how long it took, although I imagine they’re pretty good at knowing how long they take so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

The service was friendly and helpful, with the counter seeming to be quite busy. The pizza didn’t perhaps look the most attractive when it was served, but it was hot and the base was crispy. There was a very reasonable amount of chicken and other toppings on the pizza and the whole thing tasted rather nice. The dough was soft and had some flavour to it and a pot of ranch dressing was served with it for free.

As pizza options go at an airport, this was an affordable and quick option. There were also plenty of nearby tables for customers and there’s also free wi-fi in the eating area (and indeed the whole airport). I think I’d order another one if I find myself back at Omaha Airport in the future, although I’m not sure that’s entirely likely.