Olsztyn – Some Other Photos

These are some other random photos from my time in Olsztyn….

A view from the bridge over ul. Prosta.

A commemorative stone to mark the visit of Napoleon Bonaparte to the city in 1807.

Part of the fortifications at the base of the castle.

A statue of Adam Mickiewicz, considered to be one of the most important poets in Poland’s history.

The city’s central square in the above two photos.

The City Hall.

There were a lot of these all over the city.

An old looking building, used by Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich.

The amphitheatre at the base of the castle.

The Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, currently undergoing some substantial repairs.

The city’s theatre.

A statue in one of the city’s parks.

And a random sculpture outside a Government office (although it’s probably not random to them, it probably cost them a lot of money).