Norwich – Royalls Fish and Chips

James had a marvellous idea to visit this new fish and chips shop which opened a couple of weeks ago, located on Castle Meadow. As someone who gets battered pizza specially provided for him at Grosvenor, he was keen to try the similar offering from this new chip shop. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the shop, but it’s important to form an opinion first hand and I always like trying to encourage new restaurants and food outlets in my own little way.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was shut. No explanation of why on their web-site, at the shop or anywhere else. So, it was back to Grosvenor who, as usual, didn’t fail to deliver. I’m sure that there was a valid reason as to why it was closed, but that’s my sole attempt to go there (and yes, that was an unnecessary pun, solely because I was with James and he likes them).