Norwich – River Lane Tower

When walking in the city yesterday, Ron pointed out a sign which marked the remains of one of Norwich’s defensive towers. Although I knew about the line of the city wall, evident in the above map, I hadn’t paid much attention to the tower itself.

The tower, first erected in 1347, is just visible in this photo. It’s not known whether this tower pre-dates the wall behind it, as this was the final stretch of city wall that was completed and that work took place in the 1340s. It was likely they were constructed at the same time, and it would have been a boom tower which gave access to the walkway on the city wall.

This is on the north side of the River Wensum, with the riverside footpath going through the former tower.

I’d never noticed this sign before.

Another view of the tower.

It’s not possible to examine the rest of the city wall at the moment, as there’s a construction project going on along Barrack Street, but I imagine this will be treated sensitively as part of the works. There’s a lot more information about this stretch of wall at