Streets of Norwich – Winecoopers Arms Yard

Part of my Streets of Norwich project….

This yard is located off of St. Augustine’s Street, visible on the above 1880s map next to the pub from where it takes its name, the Winecoopers’ Arms. The pub traded between the 1830s and 1936, although nearly managed to get itself shut down in 1905 when the police didn’t like that the pub’s back yard opened into the yard where people lived. I suspect some residents would have preferred that for convenience, but, perhaps not all.

The pub frontage hasn’t changed enormously, it’s the bit sticking out with glass, with George Plunkett having taken a photo of what it looked like in 1938.

Now a modern building on the site of the yard’s entrance.

Although the old style street name survives, with four households being registered here when the 1939 Register was completed.