Luxembourg / Thionville

Metz – Porte des Allemands

This rather interesting fortified gatehouse is part of the medieval ramparts and towers over the river. It’s in a decent state of repair, partly through an extensive renovation effort that was completed a few years ago. Unfortunately, the limited opening hours meant that I didn’t get to see inside, but I’m sure that I’ll return to Metz at some point in the future.

An excellent view over the river.

The interior of the gatehouse, which is in an important part of the city’s history. So much so that Josef Bürckel, the German Gauleiter of the area, marched in through the gate when the Nazis took control of Metz in September 1940.

A rickety bit of the interior.

There are numerous rooms inside the gatehouse, most of which have now been turned over to use for the museum.

A view from the interior of the gate.