Luxembourg / Thionville

Metz – Brioche and Meringues

I thought a little snack was in order after busying myself with visiting churches, museums and walking for miles along a walk I hadn’t realised was three miles.

First impressions were positive, it looked as good as Greggs.

That’s a decent stack of meringues.

Some of the meringue menu.

How lovely, the strawberry and caramel meringues. I must admit, they package them better than Greggs. Although Greggs customers, such as myself, don’t want to waste time unpackaging the high quality produce to be fair. They were quite hard to eat, as they’re easy to break and they’re a bit big to put in the mouth in one go. I decided in the end just to delicately break them in two. Actually, I did that with the first one and it was more faff than I needed in my life, so I shoved the second one in my mouth whole.

A chocolate brioche. Very lovely.