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Malta – South Eastern Region – Valletta – Upper Barrakka Gardens (HMS Orwell)

Located in Upper Barrakka Gardens is this memorial to 15 men who died on the HMS Orwell when it was in collision with HMS Pioneer on 30 January 1903. The incident happened off Corfu and this memorial was funded by the officers and men of the fleet. The memorial is here as HMS Orwell was part of the Mediterranean fleet, which was stationed at Malta.

Above are some drawings of the collision which were published at the time by the Illustrated London News. Incidentally and curiously, eight of the fifteen men were called William, which seems an unusual coincidence. HMS Orwell was used extensively in the First World War and was then sent for scrap in 1920. A sad end. HMS Pioneer was scuttled in 1931, although it was re-discovered by divers in 2014.