MaltaMalta (Northern Region)

Malta – Northern Region – Roman Baths (Xemxija)

Located towards one end of the Xemxija Heritage Trail are these Roman baths, which were only identified as such as late as 2000. Above are the steps down to the baths from the main trail.

The Roman baths are located on the side of this ridge, but they date back to the Punic era of around 500BC when they were constructed as tombs.

Looking back out of the baths.

The baths were converted into a farmhouse in around the seventeenth century.

It’s quite a large size and there are three distinct areas within the cave.

This is the upper room within the caves.

There are numerous niches located around the edges of the caves. The interesting thing about this site is that it’s always freely accessible and fortunately there doesn’t seem to be any vandalism within the caves. They’re a little bit off the beaten track and I didn’t see anyone else near the site when I visited. The whole trail has been intriguing, so much history packed into just one relatively short walk.