Madrid – R Line (Ópera and Príncipe Pío)

My favourite underground line in London is the Waterloo and City line as I’ve always liked that it’s such a quirky little route which serves just two stations. So I was rather pleased to discover that Madrid has a similar set up, with the R Line which connects Ópera and Príncipe Pío.

Inside the carriage, which is similar to many of the other trains on the underground network. It was relatively busy when I used it, which was at 15:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, with no empty seats remaining. Apparently the line was originally an extension of Line 2, which is why it has that route above the doors.

It’s the only line on the Madrid underground which has a letter, as the other lines are all identified by their number. There are two trains which run to and from the stations, and there is one track at each station. The journey takes around two minutes to travel the entire length of the track, which is just over a kilometre.

And the doors open after my exciting journey… Admittedly this journey isn’t exactly something akin to trekking the foothills of the Himalayas, but it intrigued me.