Madrid – Beer in McDonald’s

I admit that going to McDonald’s in Madrid is hardly sampling the local food. But it was hot, I needed wi-fi (actually, I can’t use that excuse any more, I have a large data package to use across the EU, so I’ve lied here) and most importantly of all, I’m sure that Dylan and Leon would want to see photos. It’s of course crucial to educate these two young and impressionable young minds about the importance of travel.

I’ve had beer in a McDonald’s in Porto, Portugal, but I haven’t in Spain, so I thought that I should correct that omission. The beer here is Mahou, which is a Spanish beer which has been brewed in Madrid for over a century (by that I mean that they’ve been brewing beer for over a century, not that they’ve had this particular beer resting for that length of time). The quality was fine and it was at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature.

As for the quality of the rest of the meal, it met my expectations for McDonald’s……