Lublin – Majdanek Concentration Camp (Column of Three Eagles)

This is a modern column which was designed by Witold Marcewicz and placed here in 2013. The timing was deliberate as it marked the seventieth anniversary since a number of Poles erected a similar looking sculpture in the field with the national symbol of eagles.

The Nazis hadn’t allowed the Poles to place the column up out of a gesture of goodwill, but rather because there was a visit by the Red Cross in 1943 and they wanted the camp to look decorated and welcoming. The Red Cross also brought food into the camp and it seems from what I’ve read that the prisoners were actually given it.

I’m slightly confused as to exactly what went on and when at Majdanek because the Red Cross did have some involvement at the camp during 1943, even securing the release of some prisoners. Although they were only released into Lublin, which was under Nazi control anyway.