Waltham Forest (Borough of)

London – Waltham Forest (Borough of) – The Drum (Being Closed by Wetherspoons)

I wrote about this pub last year, it’s been operated by JD Wetherspoon since 1986 and is one of the older pubs in their estate that’s still open.

Drum Sale Document

However, as can be seen at the above PDF, the company is getting rid of it and it’s apparently now under offer. It seems a shame to sell the freehold of a pub that they’ve operated for 35 years, but perhaps they’re opening something else nearby or there’s a localised problem that they just can’t fix. In terms of running a pub, I can’t think of a harder challenge of taking on a JD Wetherspoon venue after they’ve sold it, as the customer base is going to be hard to please given what they’ve become used to.