Waltham Forest (Borough of)

London – Waltham Forest (Borough of) – Signature Brew


Fourth and final on my list of bars I visited on the Blackhorse Beer Mile, because I needed to get back for my train, was Signature Brew. I only had time for one beer here and it was also the busiest of the venues that I visited on my Thursday evening peregrination.


The outside of the large complex that they’ve got going on here. It had started to rain but the outside area looks decent for when the weather is more agreeable. I write things like this, but I’m very much an indoor person, I don’t like sitting outside with cigarette smoke and bees.


The menu board.


I went for the Black Vinyl Stout from the brewery, a reliable dry stout along with my suitably paired crisps. I put a lot of thought into selecting the most appropriate crisps, although ideally they would have had Hula Hoops or Wotsits here.


The set-up here felt more commercial than the other taprooms, but I’m not sure that’s a negative, it’s a bigger venue and a larger outfit.


My friend Nathan, who is like a peripatetic and travel obsessed Alan Whicker, has been here and recommended this lunch deal. I had already eaten and was too late anyway, but this seems very acceptable to me for anyone who is around the area at the appropriate time.

My visit here was relatively brief due to timing issues, relating to a late arriving train in London caused by the theft of cabling in London, but I’ll come back and spend longer here. The environment was inviting, the staff were friendly and the choice of beers looked intriguing. I feel the need to come for the lunch deal, perhaps next time I’ll go from south to north on the beer route, rather than the north to south option I took. It all meant that I didn’t have time to have a drink in Big Penny Social, but next time!