Havering (Borough of)

London – Havering (Borough of) – Upminster – Upminster Taproom

This is the only Good Beer Guide listed pub in Upminster and, according to CAMRA, the first micropub in the area. And, without wanting to veer into politics, I’m disappointed that the pub clashed with local councillor Ron Ower, who the owners barred. Ower opposed the opening of this excellent bar against the advice of council officers, which is perhaps now one of the best establishments in the area.

The interior is quirky and full of upcycled materials.

As can be seen from the lights on the ceiling.

This wasn’t under-poured, I only took the photo mid-way through the drink. It’s The Brazilian porter from Colchester Brewery and it had a richness to it, with a strong flavour of coffee and notes of vanilla and chocolate. It’s the third different drink I’ve had from this brewery and they produce some intriguing flavours.

Anyway, the pub was welcoming and I was served by the co-owner. Everything was managed professionally and it’s a relaxing environment. There were five different beer options and I liked how the owner had attached the pump clips to a stick and could then show that to customers. A nice idea and there were a range of different beer types, so I was pleased that they had the dark option which I went for.

All rather lovely, and a deserving entrant to the Good Beer Guide. And I’m glad they persisted to ensure that they opened a few years ago.