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London – Goose Island Shoreditch, It’s All Over Now…..

In a little interruption to my random piffle about my US trip….. I knew that it was coming because the manager of Goose Island’s taproom in Chicago told me last month, but Goose Island’s Shoreditch has now closed. Apparently profit making, but not falling within the requirements of Goose Island, it closed in September 2022 and has been immediately converted into the Queens Head.

I visited this bar tens of times (many of which are recorded on here….) because I considered it to be one of the best run operations in the UK and I’m glad that I got to see the manager Daniel a few weeks ago before it was too late. Impeccable service, engaging staff and a commitment to excellent beer, fine food and a welcoming atmosphere. The Chicago Goose Island manager told me that the UK team has been able to visit the Chicago taproom just before it closed, which was some form of gesture I suppose to the outstanding bar that they had in their estate.

A huge loss to the London bar scene that was vastly better than any other operation I’ve seen in the capital.