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London (Central) – Crown and Shuttle

When Steve mentioned that there was no particular pub planned for the Hike Norfolk day out in London, I felt compelled to offer assistance. This was one of the pubs listed in the Good Beer Guide, so it was here that eight of us came to.

There was no dark beer, although the barman told me that there was but it had sold out as it was popular. For reasons unknown to me, since I didn’t ask, I was unsure why the pub hadn’t found another alternative. Nothing on the beer list was particularly interesting to me, but I like Redemption Brewery, so I opted for that one.

The prices were surprisingly reasonable given the relatively central location in London. All of the real ales were £4.80 a pint, and I was pleased that my half cost exactly £2.40, I like it when pubs charge equitably. As for the beer, it was well kept, at the appropriate temperature and there was a pleasant taste to the whole thing with a taste of honey.

The pub’s beer garden, which was all rather comfortable.

Brewing tanks on the bar.

The pub interior. CAMRA notes that this pub was closed and left derelict for 12 years, before reopening in 2013. They did a good job of the restoration, it feels on-trend and contemporary. My one little complaint (other than the lack of dark beer) is that the pub doesn’t seem to make much of its history, either at the venue or on-line.

The former back wall of the pub, which has been brought back out to increase the amount of space available.

The service in the pub was always friendly and helpful, so the whole environment was comfortable. We didn’t need to eat at the time, but the food options looked tempting and the prices were reasonable. I’d certainly return again and thanks to CAMRA for recommending it….