Camden (Borough of)

London – Camden (Borough of) – Victorian Urinal (Star Yard)

OK, this might not be the most riveting content ever, although that’s something I write on a semi-regular basis…. This is Star Yard, in what is now an area associated with the judicial process. And, there’s a listed structure here which is perhaps noteworthy.

And here it is, a Victorian urinal. Made of cast iron, it was installed here in the late nineteenth century as part of a vague attempt to improve sanitation in the city. There are numerous decorated panels and it’s quite a sturdy structure, evident that it has survived for this long.

Like most public conveniences in the city, they’re now permanently closed and have been for some time. They’re now just locked shut, although it’s not entirely clear what the owners can do with them other than just use them as some storage shed. The area around them is now all relatively modern, so they’re a reminder of what once was here.

And here’s the area 100 years ago, the toilets are located where it says Star Yard on the map. The bank on the nearby corner is now a JD Wetherspoon outlet, the Knights Templar.