Camden (Borough of)

London – Camden (Borough of) – King’s Cross Railway Station – The Parcel Yard Pub

This is the main pub at King’s Cross railway station and is operated by the London brewery of Fuller’s. It’s got a decent reputation as a pub and it’s also listed in the Good Beer Guide. I was going to visit here a few weeks ago, but they weren’t ready to re-open at that point.

There are a variety of seating areas, I went for the area that was a conservatory type set-up. There was a friendly member of staff at the door and the pub seemed to be following all of the rules, with everything clean and organised.

There was a rail theme which is hardly a surprise and in this area there was a parcel theme, which is what the building was once used for.

The pub is all quite open, lots of rooms and lots of corridors.

Some more of the themed signage.

Fuller’s paid for this beer as part of their current Friday promotion, which was very generous of them. The London Pride was well-kept and at the appropriate temperature, so I can’t much complain, although it doesn’t have the richness of taste that I’d ideally like. But I’m tolerant of beers which are given to me for free.

Anyway, this is a decent pub with lots of space. I didn’t order food, or indeed anything other than the free beer, but there’s a modern menu which is meant to be a cut above standard pub food. There’s a nearby (well, sort of, it’s the Barrel Vault at St Pancras) JD Wetherspoon for anyone who wants standard pub food at a cheaper price, so options for whatever people want.