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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – Yellow Submarine Bar


After some cathedral visiting, we decided to walk to the Cains Brewery Village which is the former site of, well, Cains Brewery. The first thing that we noticed was a Yellow Submarine and since I quite like tacky things, I thought it was worth investigating. Steve agreed with me, so off we went in the hope that the other two wouldn’t object to our rapid decision.


The Liverpool Echo say that this submarine was installed here in 2018 and it was previously used as a floating hotel on the Albert Dock. Before that, it was used as a prop in the Sean Connery film ‘Hunt for Red October’, so it’s had something of a history. Incidentally, Bev wanted us to sit at this table, but I was conscious that people would want to take photos of this and I felt no need to be in them.


The interior of the submarine with the bar area at the rear.


And a little tribute to the Cavern Club at the front (or back, I get muddled up with these pointy ended things).


My Blue Moon beer acquired. I was quite happy to sit in the cold inside, but Bev wanted to sit outside in the sun to complain about the heat. I didn’t say anything.


Some of the wall art.


The others were faffing with their drinks orders, so it seems that I decided to take numerous photos of the interior with my beer in hand. I can’t remember what I was doing, probably trying to get the ideal Untappd photo or something.


My brief attempt of sitting in the cold inside before I was near forcibly dragged outside.


There’s the main former Cains brewery building in the background. I couldn’t help but wonder what the workers of fifty years ago would have thought if they could have known that their site would have been closed and a yellow submarine placed in the grounds.

The Blue Moon beer was served with a slice of orange and was at the appropriate temperature which is all to the good, but I was more surprised that it was keenly priced given the location. The atmosphere here is laid-back and the music wasn’t too loud, which is fortunate as I can’t be doing with raucous. It’s something a little quirky, and perhaps a little touristy, but I enjoyed my visit here although I suspect matters get somewhat louder later on in the day.