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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – Museum of Liverpool – Daniel Kirkwood’s Everton Contract


Continuing on from my post about the Museum of Liverpool having the largest collection of Everton memorabilia in the world, this is the contract of Everton player Daniel Kirkwood (1867-1928), dating to 1890. He was to play for the team between 1889 and 1893, later becoming a director of the football club before reaching the giddy heights of Everton’s chairman during the 1909/1910 season.

Everton were the big payers at the time, Nick Ross was receiving £10 per month in 1888, which was thought to be twice the amount of any other player in the league. Unfortunately, this contract doesn’t state how much Kirkwood would be earning for his efforts, but Everton were paying around £5 per week at the time to their players, who usually had other jobs. There’s more about him at the Everton Collection. Anyway, I’ve now better focus on reading about today’s Everton team, rather than trying to find out more about the one from 130 years ago which is rather less likely to crop up in pub chat if I’m being honest.