Limoges – Walk from Airport

Limoges is the first airport that I can remember visiting that has managed to provide no bus, rail or tram link for its passengers. There is a bus link, but there are only three a day and they’re not at all timed to the movement of the aircraft. The taxi drivers at the airport must be very pleased indeed at the local bus company, as that’s the only option to get around for those who aren’t hiring cars.

Well, other than for those people who walk. I’m getting the impression that there aren’t many who do that, as no-one from my flight seemed to feel the need to walk the six miles into the city centre. Anyway, what’s the point of being a member of the LDWA (long distance walkers) if I don’t walk from time to time?

So, I walked.

Although there isn’t much pavement for the first two miles, there also isn’t really much traffic. The first part of the walk is alongside a busy road, but they’ve carefully added an area to walk on the grass, so it’s safe.

There were lots of cows in the fields.

The view on the walk was certainly rather pleasant, lots of countryside and some lakes.

And some streams, all very lovely. Just under half-way through the walk is a town where there are numerous small shops. There was also a church which I would have visited, but there was a funeral going on when I was there, so it didn’t feel entirely appropriate.

When reaching the city, one of the first sites that it’s necessary to cross is one of the city parks.

And after going through a park there’s a woodland walk, which given the hot temperature, was very welcome indeed. As can be seen from the photo, it was sunny.

A look back at the woodland area, which is surprisingly dense for such a relatively central area in a city.

This is the last photo before I arrived at the hotel, a view of the main railway line which goes into Limoges. The entire walks takes around two hours, although I took a little longer as I decided to sit down every now and then to cool down from the heat. It’s not the most sheltered of walks from the sun in places….

For those not in a rush, it’s a very walkable route into Limoges, especially for those who don’t want to pay the €24 taxi fare.