Limoges – Limoges Library

The rather beautiful Limoges library and despite the open plan nature of the building, it’s quiet and peaceful with a real feeling of space.

This is what irritates me slightly, seeing libraries overseas which are much better than those in the UK. Norwich library is one of the worst libraries I’ve experienced, it’s usually full of people shouting, there are usually examples of how users have evaded the filters on library computers and there are rarely chairs available. So, on that last point, Limoges library has no issues with having space for users.

There is a relatively large section of English books, as well a reference section for English books. In addition, there are many books in German and other languages, which is something that I haven’t seen from Norfolk Library Service.

Although of little interest to me, the music and DVD section was substantial, and was stretched across the top floor of the building. It was all neatly presented and everything seemed to be in a coherent alphabetical order.

But most of all, so many lovely books!

There was also a little exhibition that had been put together in the foyer area. It’s explaining how books are preserved.

Sometimes covers need replacing, or the book putting in a box, although mould in vellum covers is far more challenging. Having listened to the conservators at Norfolk Record Office, it is though something which can be achieved with some excellent results.

Books in need of repair.

This display was just showing the types of repair that were needed, from pasting a page back in to ensuring that the covers are secured.