Limoges – Église Saint Pierre (St. Peter’s Church)

This is one of the two churches in the central part of the city, and it’s a colourful and, to me, confusing building. The cathedral is wider than the nave is long, so the internal structure feels rather different to the usual layout. Looking at an overhead photo of the cathedral, the standard church design is visible, but the aisles have just been made particularly substantial.

The church was mostly constructed between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries in the Gothic style.

The organ at the end of the nave.

The nave cuts across the centre of this photo, with the pulpit visible on the right.

Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Delor, a local church official in the nineteenth century.

Some of the beautiful stained glass in the church. Unfortunately, since I didn’t bring my camera on this trip, the colours aren’t very vibrant in these photos.

A very beautiful church with numerous paintings, statues and decorative items which are on display. It feels much less of a touristy location than the other church and the cathedral in Limoges, making it harder for me to get an understanding of the building.