Leominster – Press Room


Our final pub of the evening was the Press Room in Leominster, located next to the JD Wetherspoon venue. Apologies for the rather dodgy photo of the frontage, my photography skills are a little limited. It takes its name from the period when it operator as a printers, although it was actually the site once of the Duke’s Head pub. They couldn’t call it that though as JD Wetherspoon decided they would use that name for their neighbouring pub.


They had two real ales on and I went for the Town Crier from Hobsons Brewery who are a set-up from Shropshire. The venue is poorly rated on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, so something appears to be up, but I found the service perfectly friendly during our visit. The management don’t reply to negative on-line reviews, so it’s hard to understand what exactly is happening here.


I might have forgotten to take a photo of the beer before I started drinking it….. It’s an error that I rarely make. I got a taste of apples from the beer, which was well kept and it was a rather decent golden ale which was also served in an appropriately branded glass. Julian found something non-alcoholic and Jonathan was tasting dry ciders, they seemed happy.


The bar was well presented although some parts of the venue were just a little grubby and disorganised if I’m being entirely honest. Maybe let’s try and put that in the quirky category though. There was a band playing which I can’t say did much for me, but there we go, each to their own and at least the venue was trying something to get customers in.


They’ve got a deli arrangement in the fridges, although the pricing wasn’t very clear but some of the products looked tempting.

It’s something of a quirky venue, although the volume of negative reviews is unusually high, but I didn’t experience anything problematic and the beer was fine. It’s certainly worth a little look in for those wanting a drink, there’s always a place for pubs that are a little different. It was also time for us to leave the delights of Leominster as we had late night Trivial Pursuit to play….. That’s just my rock and roll lifestyle.