Hull – Lion and Key

This is a pub that I hadn’t been to on my previous visit to Hull and I hadn’t expected it to have so much character internally. There was a huge choice of ales, over ten, with three darker options. The staff member was helpful and engaging, being able to make a recommendation when I asked what they had.

The suggestion was the Peculiar from Cathead, which I only discovered after is made in house at the brewery they own themselves. I went for half a pint of this and it had a pleasant taste, but it wasn’t in great state and I thought it was on the turn. Or, perhaps, just not pulled through as we arrived soon after the pub had opened. Either way, it didn’t really meet my expectations, but was still drinkable.

And some photos of the pub, with the labels on the ceiling adding a huge amount of character. Although, that Fosters one seems a little out of place. It’s great to see pubs with such an innovative interior and there was a homely feel, with plenty of reserved tables from those planning to dine. The pub is well-reviewed and their food seems to be quite acclaimed, so perhaps I’ll visit again for that next year. I’m not sure why the beer I had wasn’t perfect, but the selection of beers was substantial and much wider than I would expect from a pub.